Highland Canine Training - Ruined the dog!

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Zoey the dog was sent to Highland Canine Training in NC to their "boot camp" because she was aggressive to children.They were supposed to train her to be as sweet to children as she was to adults and other animals.

She was fabulous with everyone but children and was a great dog until this company did something to her at this camp. Now - thanks to them - she is 10 times WORSE. Now she is aggressive to everyone - unexpectedly snarling and biting for no reason. Thanks Highland Training for ruining this poor dog.

She never behaved nearly as badly as she does now thanks to their "training".This company is to be avoided at all costs - unless you want your dog to be abused and returned to you in worse condition when they were supposed to help her.

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A person who applies a prong-collar or shock-collar on a dog for 'training' or 'behavior modification' purposes likely subscribes to the discredited Dominance Theory.

While this complaint about the company is three short paragraphs in length, what has been described has all the hallmarks of a dog that was 'flooded' and then punished for resultant behavioral display, instead of being desensitized and counter-conditioned.That's just a guess of course, but it's a well-educated guess.

This is not rocket science but it is *BASIC* behavioral science, and anyone or any entity that considers itself to be professional should be up-to-date on applied canine behavior (a lot has changed over the last 20 years).

The complaint states, "Now she is aggressive to everyone - unexpectedly snarling and biting for no reason." There is in fact a very good reason why a dog behaves in this manner: Stress, anxiety, fear.

A dog that was reactive only to children (most likely through lack of socialization and/or negative prior experiences) and is now reactive to a wider audience, has almost certainly created negative associations through it's experiences in training.Now it does not know who it can trust so it perceives many people as threats, and reacts defensively through the stress, anxiety and fear that it's experiencing.

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A lot has changed instead of damaging from pulling and yanking a leash like you see all the time new and improved methods have came out to be more safe for the k9 for the person to stay at a distance e collar used right best tool ever I wI'll be honest thought.I was just like you until 2 years of classes and studying and learned wow this is a lot less painful you have to agree a rope around your neck dragging you down the road or a quick nik that's over before he knew what happend but corrected his behavior and instead of fighting a leash pulling you around you learn the product and the learn which way works best for you to tech your dog it takes time studying money or pay a team of good trainers like highland k9

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Did Zoey finally have to be put to sleep after her "training" by Highland Canine? You know their reputation, right?


You could become a more responsible pet owner and take positive training and obedience classes or you could pay a huge tuition to attend a Highland Canine Training, LLC course only to become an *** with a prong/remote shock collar.Many people have expressed concerns about their use of a prong collar to train all dogs, including and especially those destined for autistic children.

Training your dog with a prong collar (or shock collar, shake can, alpha roll) is not positive. If you think wearing a prong collar reinforces a positive relationship with your dog, try this experiment: put one on yourself, attach it to a leash and ask your boss or spouse to lead you around on it for a day. See if the experience strengthens your trust of them in a positive way, or if you spend the entire day stressed and in fear? The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) needs to pull the membership accreditation from any trainer who is affiliated-with or has been certified by that school.

Ban PRONG COLLAR use on animals and all trainers and schools who advocate and promote their usage!:(

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Probably and even collars and mainly and I may be wrong but mainly a working dog tool used to train if you don't have time.to go to puppy classes and what him closely Mayne it's not best time to get a dog you can train the perfect dog but once the owner thinks it's trained they never work with the dog again and wonder why it's not listening I wish we had more trainers like highland k9 around with the knowledge to spend more time teaching some of tease people but it's interesting to read bease I totally dwt how the non experience dog owner would think the stuff they do idk why my poddle jumps it's only 8 seconds of continuous stimulation on level 8 out of 1 thru 8 lol adjust it I've got 7 e collars and 2 30ft leads and zero collars sadly lol

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I dropped my long time membership to APDT because of people like you. It is a good organization for beginners but that's about it.


We contacted the owner of this dog, several times after she was returned from training with now response bc she simply wanted to get rid of the dog.This is actually the owner's sister who has complained on every site she can find.

It's hard to solve problems from a third party prospective.

Thanks to all of clients for the love and support through the years.We are not perfect but we do strive to do all that we can

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I have been searching dog training schools for over 5 years to pick the best one. I have only heard from 100% of Leo that this is the best place there is...I'm sorry to hear about your dog that didn't like kids I can only imagine it's past what the dog has experienced with kids noto saying it's towards you but people need to pay attention and teach there kids how to handle a dog correctly chances are you hit me with a bat I probably wouldn't like that person myself and I don't know the whole store I don't think anyone does or obviously it would be simple to pin point what caused his negative reaction and work on that but sometimes over breeding for money or serious trauma can be challenging to over come, and for the e collar and prong collar comment I've taken classes and studdied some of the best e collar workers learned a lot from Doug roller with lapd and most people don't realize jerking the normal collars and fur savers that's hurting the dog the prog collar and e collar is a simple training aid to help the dog understand what's asked of him without jerking on a collar and hurting the dog but yes people that are clueless can go buy either or and screw a dog up if used properly it causes not pain but maybe like a fly landing on his neck my dog can run on rocks I can't, I'll throw a tennis ball in a thicket and I try to make it so she can't find it to she her drive and desire to hunt and if she can stay running widea open and wants the ball that's what I want out of my mal so running in rocks and running through briers I know my dogs pain level is a lot worse than my dogs so I'd have to say they are tools to communicate if done properly but if the rocks and sticks and thorns don't hurt hurt I promise a e collar or prog collar isn't hurting the dog unless you just put it on and start hitting buttons but I've read some.horrible review about trainers and dog schools and I'd rather travel to go to the school known for being the best again not sure what happend in the past with kids and the dog alone but I know plenty of k9s that came from.hk9 that are in the part of the patrol car right now save lives due to there training and knowledge at hk9 also I'd the dog backs up a inch or so prongs won't be an issue maybe go back to foosh while walking and he will learn don't pull don't poke hope he's doing better and the kids have gotten better with the dog I'd love to hear an update but trust me this place is top notch be thankful if he went elsewhere there's no telling how he would be acting BTW how long did he stay the 6 weeks board and train? HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS IN JAN......Tristan

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